House Activities

The school has four houses, signifying four values, namely, Bhakti, Gyan, Karma & Dharma. Each house has their song, motto & objectives based on the name of the house. It is divided into two sections, the Junior Section consists the students of class I to V and the Senior Section includes the students of class VI to XII.

The houses are headed by Chief Animators from the educators' side and by the Captains and Vice-Captains from the students side. Every week a house is on duty and looks after the morning assembly, clearing supervision & discipline of the school throughout the week.

The House Coordinating Committee organizes and executes various Inter-House competitions during the academic year. All the norms for participating are informed well in advance and the winning students contributes points to their house concerned.

Inter-House Competitions are an important part of School life and are renowned for being the liveliest events in the school calendar. They include:

  • Inter-House Song Competition Each House performs two songs of choice – this may also include acting, costume and dance
  • Inter-House Sports Events include Rugby, Hockey, Athletics and Cross Country. Junior students compete by dorm and Seniors compete by House
  • House Public Speaking and Debating Competitions A very competitive event where there is a chief guest wo listen the debates of all the competitors and judge who is the winner.

Fancy Dress Competition

Students showing their creativity during Fancy Dress Competition.

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Posted Date: 28 Aug, 2018

Inter House One Act Play Competition

Inter House One Act Play Competition

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Posted Date: 03 Aug, 2017

Hindi Elocution

Inter House Hindi Elocution

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Posted Date: 02 Aug, 2017

Inter House Story Telling Competition

Inter House Story Telling Competition held on 28 July 2017.

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Posted Date: 28 Jul, 2017
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