GGPS gives impetus to the instructional facility with the application of smartclasses. This digital initiative has improved teachers effectiveness and proficiency. It connects abstract and difficult concepts to real life. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students and enabled multi sensory learning in classrooms.
Creating an environment that contributes to learning is the key to the student's success. We feel it is the social communication between students, their peers and the teacher that determines a successful school experience. We feel that effective communication is a fundamental component to our educational philosophy. For all children quality of learning is more important for intellectual and social development. Classrooms at GGPS are well equipped. "A home away from home" environment is provided. The seating arrangement is designed in a systematic way so that the organization of the seats helps the students to feel comfortable. Well-arranged classroom settings reflect the following attributes, clearly defined spaces within the classroom that are used for different purposes which ensure that students know how to behave in each of these areas.