Cultural Activities

GGPS Chas has a very strong cultural component: there is a large Music classroom; Drama is offered as a subject and many successful productions have taken place in the school auditorium or our fully-equipped school hall. GGPS students are regularly selected for Border Chess teams; and for debate championship.

Cultural activities on offer include:

  • Chess – there are many chess players at GGPS and a large portion of the Border Chess team has often been made up of Stirling students.
  • Drama – Students can take Drama as a subject from Grades 8 to 12 and we have Drama teachers who also offer extra Drama lessons.
  • Dance - and the variety of dance disciplines represented – is very popular. Dance competition are held each year to showcase the work of our students and opportunities for dancing include assorted internal events as well as performances in Inter school competition.
  • Oratory / Debating - We have an active team taking part in the debating league, speaking contests and forum discussions, GGPS is regarded as one of the best Debating schools, not just in the Bokaro district, but in Jharkhand.
  • Societies - In the Guru Gobind Singh Societythere is an opportunity for students to do something quite different to the normal academic programme, and hopefully to discover a talent or learn a hobby. Our society meet every year to all the head members of schools under this society as well as outside to organize a Inter School Competition so that student can compet and achieve globally.

Spic Macay Performance

It was an enthralling experience for GGPS, Chas students as folk dancers from Rajasthan performed at GGPS, Chas auditorium.

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Posted Date: 29 Oct, 2018

Inter House Group Dance Competition

Students showing their dancing skills in Inter House Group Dance Competition

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Posted Date: 26 Oct, 2018

Independence Day

Independence Day Celebration in GGPS, Chas

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Posted Date: 15 Aug, 2018

Inter House Story Telling Competition

The best way of developing a child's personality is by making them involved in different types of activities. Small children showed their creativity by participating in Inter House Story Telling Competition.

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Posted Date: 26 Jul, 2018
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