Vice-President's Message

news-classic-6 As we get ready to embark on yet another academic year. It’s desirable that we retrospect and evaluate the achievements of the post so that rather than resting on our you laurels we use them as a launch pad to reinvent ourselves and commence the new year with renewed vigor and enthusiasm .
In a rapidly transforming world, schools have to take upon themselves the responsibility of preparing children to face up to any challenge that the future may throw before them. Learning to work and live together, being proactive to enhance the natural environment, respecting multi-culturalism and diverse faiths, strengthening democratic ideas and contributing to common good are some of the aspects that have come to be of enormous significance for schools in a global scenario that is beset with fissiparous tendencies. Schools should be inculcating the right values, help children create a world of justice, peace, equality and sustainable development where people can work and live together in harmony.
To meet these aims, schools must move towards a holistic perception of the child’s development. The concept of continuous and comprehensive evaluation assumes enormous significance in this context. By nurturing all the three domains of human personality. ie., the cognitive, the affective and the connective, and by catering to multiple intelligences in a continuous manner, schools, through CCE, will be able to create complete human beings.
At the heart of CCE is the belief that every child is talented and is capable of learning by providing a wide variety of opportunities in the scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Schools can unravel the potential of every child and develop it along the right lines. Creative and critical thinking, decision making, communication skills, working in a team and responsible behaviour are certain aspects that can be developed only by providing appropriate opportunities for the children by the schools.
I am happy to learn that the school is imparting quality education and gives equal importance to co-curricular activities for the all round development of children. I am also sure with efforts of you all, the school will attain new heights of excellence in all field of education.
I convey my congratulation and best wishes to the principal, teachers and students of the school for bringing laurels which I am sure will continue in future.

Shri Balbir Singh

(Vice-President, GGSES)